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Work with Jose, when you’re looking for the complete package…

When other top investors don’t share everything…

Or when financial advisors aren’t quite enough…

Jose in a an astute and thorough professional with an in depth understanding of financial markets. His strength is his ability to instill confidence and he has an eye for detail.

Anil Radhakrishan

Group CEO, Adani Group

Jose is an astute investor, with a pulse on the marketplace. His knowledge and depth go across domains and geographies and his inputs are extremely valuable, to both potential investors and entrepreneurs.

Kalpesh Desai

CEO, Agile Financial Technologies

Jose is a unique professional and above all an excellent human being who has the ability and willingness to help those who are willing to learn and improve.

Arun Govind

Managing Director, ARHC Consultants

Jose’s amazing presentation style helped in delivering the key message of the presentation to the audience appropriately. He demonstrates in-depth knowledge on the global economic situations, various sectors and key issues of deal making during our verbal discussions.

Rakesh Shah

General Manager, Chaudary Group

Jose leaves no stone unturned and no avenue unexplored, which ensures that he obtains the appropriate knowledge of the company and industry that he evaluates.

Vivek Shenoy

Head of Risk Management, Muthoot Pappachan Group

Jose is a highly skilled facilitator, creative thinker and one of the best business consultants I’ve seen. His extensive knowledge sharing through various workshops for both junior and senior staff have contributed greatly.

Derrick D'Costa

Director, Investrade

Finding a financial advisor you can trust is difficult these days and being an independent investor requires a unique set of skills. The right combination requires one to be part-master relationship builder (to source and originate deals), part-legal eagle (to negotiate and execute agreements), part-financial wizard (to understand financials and build operating models) and part-management consultant (to add value to the portfolio company) – and these are just some of the things I share here. Scroll down to read more about what I’m offering…

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